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Consulting Services

The Dakota Institute leverages a collaborative coalition of talent drawn from private, nonprofit, foundation, government and academic sectors to provide our clients with powerful analytics and insights.
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Analysis and Insights That Drive Growth

  • Economic Forecasting

  • Housing

  • Healthcare

  • Market Studies

  • Economic Impact

  • Wage Studies

The economic landscape is always changing. Understanding the short- and long-term trends that shape our economy is crucial for long-term success. Our products and services, from one-off presentations to multi-year collaborations, are tailored to meet the needs of our stakeholders and clients.

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Opportunities for Growth

Identify Market Risks and Opportunities

Our experts leverage timely and credible data to forecast key industry trends that impact profitability and investment opportunities.

We can help your community identify strategies and opportunities to help drive development, infrastructure investment and affordability.

Industry or market area insights based on the best available data and analytics.

Put Our Insights to Work for You

Does your organization need the kind of analysis and research that drives growth?

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Analysis & Insight

Quality Data and Rigorous Analysis Lead to Powerful Results

Our experts can model your project to communicate its full economic impact on jobs, economic output and even state and local taxes.

We understand data and how to derive actionable insights from the raw data.